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Keep calm and carry it off at interview

However experienced you are at job interviews, it's natural to feel at least some anxiety. Of course, interviewers expect candidates to be a little nervous and anyone who isn't could come across as over-confident. However, it's also important to show you can keep your nerves under control. 

Staying cool, calm and collected is particularly important when it comes to healthcare roles, many of which demand an ability to deal with pressure. Whether you're looking for CAMHS Practitioner jobs, an allied health role or throughout the health science services profession, overcoming the fear factor at your interview will help you show you're the right person for the job

Getting a good night's sleep the day before. Arriving in plenty of time. Being fully prepared. There are many well-documented coping strategies. As for less obvious ways to avoid pre-interview anxiety, here are a few ideas...

1. Do a mock interview

Ask a friend or relative to be the interviewer and give you feedback. It would help if they also work in healthcare, so that they relate to the questions they're asking you and can confidently judge the effectiveness of your answers. If you’re looking for jobs in psychology, someone with some experience in the field can give you more helpful feedback than a total outsider.

2. Check out the location

If it's convenient, make a quick visit to where the interview will take place. It's not just about making sure you know how to get there and where to park if you're driving. Familiarising yourself with the setting will subconsciously reassure you on the day.

3.  Take your iPod

It worked for tennis star Andy Murray in his early days, so why not you? Music can calm or inspire you. Why not arrive a little earlier and spend a few minutes listening to your favourite sounds, maybe in the car or in a local park?

4. Cut down on the coffee

It's tempting to go for a big caffeine hit to give you a boost. But remember, too much can play havoc with your central nervous system. While it might make you more awake and energetic, it can also give you the jitters.

5. Breathe deeply

Try this breathing exercise to keep you calm and relaxed. You can do it anywhere – on your journey to the interview or in the waiting room.  

6. Visualise

This is another technique commonly used by elite sportsmen and women (you'll probably have seen kickers doing it in rugby). They create a mental image of success in order to enhance their ability to achieve it. Why not visualise yourself having a brilliant interview? Imagine where the success could lead you. With the extra confidence this can give you you could find yourself in one of your ideal jobs, psychology, occupational therapy, wherever you have set your sights.

Finally, if interview nerves make you stumble over an answer, don't worry. Explain that you're feeling a little nervous, reset and have another go. It's perfectly understandable and your interviewer will appreciate your honesty.

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