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World Radiography Day celebrates the discovery of X-radiation

Today (Saturday 8th November) is World Radiography Day, an event which celebrates the anniversary of the day in 1985 when German professor, Wilhelm Roentgen first discovered X-radiation. 

As a result, radiographers across the world will be celebrating the impact of his discovery and will be using the day to raise awareness of the vital contribution that diagnostic imaging plays in identifying and treating medical conditions. 

The discovery of the X-Ray was an accident - Roentgen was looking at how electrical rays pass from an induction coil through a partially evacuated glass tube, when he discovered that a screen covered in fluorescent material was being illuminated by the rays. This led him to realise that objects could be penetrated by these rays – he then discovered that these rays could penetrate human tissue (but not bone) and that they could be photographed. 

Roentgen’s discovery was groundbreaking; it was the first time that people were able to see the inside of the human body without the need for surgery. The impact was immediate; within just six months, X-rays were being used by battlefield physicians to locate bullets in injured soldiers. 

As a result of his discovery, Roentgen was honoured with the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. 

Medical X-rays are now so commonplace that it is hard to imagine a hospital without a radiography unit. Not only are they used to diagnose broken bones, but they also examine internal organs and can be used by surgeons during therapeutic procedures.  
X-rays are carried out by radiographers who are trained healthcare professionals able to use a range of imaging technology, including X-ray machines, computerised tomography (CT) scanners and ultrasound scanners. 

In the UK, World Radiography Day is supported by the Society of Radiographers, who uses the event as an opportunity to promote radiography as a career choice. 
Sanctuary works closely with imaging departments throughout the UK, and understands the range of exciting career prospects that are available. Take a look at our latest radiography jobs.  

Will you be celebrating World Radiography Day? Tweet us @SanctuaryAH using the hashtag #worldradiographyday  

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